You and three friends are offered a week long, remote camping trip. However, you quickly discover that you are not where you think you are. You must find a way out.


An open world survival adventure game

Single player

4 Player Co-op

4 Player Free for All

The Perfect Escape

One week, back country, camping adventure

Settler Player Hostage
Settler Player Hostage
Settler Player Hostage

Unexpected Reality

No one is coming to pick you up

Settler Player Hostage
The Experiment
Settler Player Hostage
The Wall
Settler Player Hostage
The Settlers

You Are Not Alone

You're cold, wet, and lost, trapped deep in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, dealing with rapidly changing seasons and hungry predators. It's not just the harsh environment, you realize that you are another victim stuck in the middle of a mad man's experiment.

To escape, you must push through a hostile environment and solve the mysteries that keep you from safety.

Stay Alert, Stay Warm, and Stay Strong.




Scavenge Resources, Solve Puzzles, and Survive the Environment.