The Gold River Project

  Latest Project: The Gold River Project An open world,  multiplayer,  survival, adventure game where the player must scavenge resources, solve puzzles and survive against mother nature.

Project: Gold River

Scavenge. Solve. Survive.

This was not in the brochure!

You are on a camping trip with a few of your friends in the Pacific Northwest when you realize you are not where you thought you were. You are surrounded by massive electro-magnetic walls in the forest. Fearful, you find a note explaining this place, this experiment, and how to survive.

You learn that you are surrounded by three artificial seasons, Summer, Fall & Winter, and they are each enclosed by a set of four walls. You and your friends must scavenge to equip yourselves with the appropriate survival gear for each of the seasons. Warm clothing, shelter, food, water, and weapons are all necessary for survival but fail to correctly equip yourself and you will succumb to Mother Nature.

The temperature will drop and you will have to battle the elements, wildlife, as well as, other campers trying to escape. The notes also hint to the whereabouts of a research facility that contains a puzzle and if correctly solved, the walls will lower allowing the next season to move in. Solve all three puzzles in Winter and make it to the exit in order to escape and ultimately, survive.


Fairview Games is an independent game studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our mission is to create fun, challenging games that friends can play together.

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